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    7 Aug 2017

    As well as working on commercial projects, I have had some time to continue working on my own work. Previously I have started larger projects, and I have found that trying to complete these or stay motivated to work on them long term has been a challenge. So, learning...

    7 Aug 2017

    Over the past two years I have been working as a freelance 3D generalist at Sydney based studio Mighty Nice. I started as an intern back in June 2016 and since then I have been been back multiple times to work on various TVCs produced by the studio. My work has mostly...

    17 May 2016

    I have been continuing work on old NSW railway buildings. This has included updating the current buildings with more details and adding two more to the set. Below you can see some of the changes so far. The A6 (up to A9) buildings are mostly brick designs so a new text...

    25 Apr 2016


    Continuing my work on NSWGR buildings and structures, I started work on the G pattern of goods sheds. The first two modeled and in-game so far are the G1a and G1b variants. These are similar in size to the A1 and A2 stations, however the roof style and placement of th...

    2 Mar 2016

    Just a small update today. I was recently asked to model a small grass hut for someone. After doing so, I was inspired to add a few more pieces to the set. The buildings are fairly simple, all sharing a single 256x256 diffuse texture. You can view the collection of bui...

    26 Feb 2016

    Continuing on from late last year I had been developing a dynamic sky system that changes fron day to night (and back again). I have been continuing development on this and have started adding a moon, as well as cleaning up parts of the shader and blueprint. I have, as...

    18 Feb 2016

    Today I worked on a small scene that ncluded one of the station buildings I modelled a little while ago. You can view the 3D model in the Modelling section or over on Sketchfab.

    8 Feb 2016

    Since posting last week about modelling the NSW Railways "A" pattern buildings I have made significant progress. Once the first builsing was done (A1) creating the others was easier as they all follow the same basic shape and share a lot of the same elements. I have co...

    3 Feb 2016

    Whilel I am lookking for a job in the industry I have been working on my own personal projects as well as some client work.


    Client Work

    For the past month I have been helping upgrade the web design for Magic Effects Digital (a video production and stage managment compan...

    15 Jan 2016

    So the new year is already upon us. This year is certainly going to be an interesting one for me, starting a new job (hopefully) as well as finding time to continue work on my own projects.


    My main priority of course will be finding a job in the industry. I am looking...

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