Take to the Skies!

Continuing on from late last year I had been developing a dynamic sky system that changes fron day to night (and back again). I have been continuing development on this and have started adding a moon, as well as cleaning up parts of the shader and blueprint. I have, as a project to use this in, been working on a basic flight sim. A tthe moment I am not focusing to much on flight mechanics or physics, but more so the controls and HUD elements. It is really jsut something I am playing around with at the moment.

Here are wome WIP shots so far. Currently I have the time speed set to 1, meaning 1 hour equals 1 second of real time. That is, the sky will transition through a complete day in 24 seconds.

Overview of HUD elements

This time at night, with the "Stall" warning on. (Might need to pull up!)

Back to day, but this time the "Sink Rate" warning is on. Basically, you are falling to fast!

#art #concept #UE4 #blueprints #environment #shadermaterials #modelling #2D #3D #game #texturing #UI

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