New Year: A quick look into 2016

So the new year is already upon us. This year is certainly going to be an interesting one for me, starting a new job (hopefully) as well as finding time to continue work on my own projects.

My main priority of course will be finding a job in the industry. I am looking forward to this as well as gaining experience and of course learning plenty of new things.

There are a few personal projects I have in mind as well. Aside fromindividual assets, I will be continuing the work I had started on the dynamic sky shader last year. I had started working on a tutorial series for this but never finished it before the end of the year so this will certainly be in the pipeline to complete.

To start the year off however I have been working on a couple of small projects with my brother, who has an interest in programming. We currently have two projects we are working on, both

That's all for now. I will aim to make more regular blog posts this year, and of course, I will continue to update my portfolio with new work.

Happy New Year everyone.

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